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Tube 2033

So I've been playing through Metro: Last Light lately (the sequel to Metro 2033) and, as well as finding them both very inspirational for the Underhive of 40k Hive cities, it also, as a Londoner, made me think about what stations one would use in London for a similar setting.  This is also a demonstration of the interesting information one can get using the Freedom of Information Act, as a google search on the depth of London Underground stations quickly turned up a Freedom of Information request someone else made a few years back for exactly that information!

Astronomical Wealth

I've been thinking a bit about economics in the Imperium as I continue to work on Tarvenhive.  In particular I've been thinking about the upper end of the wealth distribution, since that is where the power will tend to lie.

The Underhive (of Tarvenhive)

I've been thinking a bit about the underhive lately, partly as a result of discussions over at Dark Reign.  In some ways I think this is the most difficult part of the Hive to deal with since the underhive has quite a strong character but getting that to work within a structurally sound framework is difficult.  I think I've just about managed it but I suspect this is one of the aspects of the hive that will be most subject to revision since it is, quite literally, the foundation of the Hive!

A Tarvenhive update

As I mentioned in reply to Malika I've been thinking further about Tarvenhive and, certainly in terms of transportation, it is starting to come together quite nicely I think.

Inequality in the Imperium

Something I've been thinking about a bit recently.  So of course the Imperium is a very unequal place with the upper classes living in unimaginable luxury and the lower classes living a rather subsistence existence, it wouldn't be the grimdark place it is without a healthy dose of inequality!  That doesn't mean that we can't take a look at the things in the Imperium that help to maintain and enhance this inequality though.

Draconic musings: a dragon's blog

I decided that as it is mostly just me around here I would feel slightly less silly talking to myself using a blog type format.  Also while a lot of the stuff that I talk about here will be related to the Anargo Sector Project, not all of it will be, indeed I might well go off on entirely non-40k related tangents.  As such keeping all of my random musings in a self-contained blog seemed like a good idea.  Any big Anargo related articles will be posted to the forums or into the Sector Interface when they are completed but other stuff will remain here.

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